Conimex Sambal Brandal 200gr


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Conimex sambal Brandal: the perfect seasoning for an oriental dish. Indonesians choose from different types of fresh sambals at the local markets. Displayed in large containers, sold in batches. Sambal Brandal is a fried sambal with a spicy taste. Made from freshly ground lomboks (chili peppers), according to an authentic recipe. This sambal gives that little kick to your oriental meal, but also works well in sauces, stews and stews. Whether you use a lot of the sambal or little, everyone can enjoy it. Selamat makan!


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Sambal Oelek 54% (chili pepper¹ 89%, salt, food acid E270, preservative E202), brown sugar (sugar, molasses, coloring E150c), molasses, water, onion 6.9%, vegetable oil (sunflower, palm, turnipseed), salt , vinegar, maltodextrin, galanga root, SHRIMP POWDER, kaffir lime leaf, aroma, preservative E202, ¹ grown sustainably., E = by the EC approved excipient.

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