Conimex Kroepoek Java (mild spices)


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Prawn crackers are a crunchy side dish from Indonesia and are delicious with any Asian meal. There are several varieties, but the best-known varieties are made from shrimp or cassava. Prawn crackers are also delicious as a snack and ideal for dipping in soy sauce or chili sauce, for example. the basis of this prawn crackers is made in Indonesia, on Java.

The main ingredient is fresh cassava. Because we believe it is important that our ingredients are sourced responsibly, our cassava comes from rainforest alliance certified farms. This means that the cassava is grown in a sustainable and responsible manner and that both farmers and nature are thought of.

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Tapioca flour, sunflower oil, SHRIMP 7.2%, aroma (contains CELERY), cane sugar, salt, yeast extract, coloring: paprika extract

Allergy information

Contains: sea shrimp, crustaceans, celery.
May contain: fish, milk, eggs, gluten-containing grains, soy.

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